Musings of a brand whisperer

  • Last Friday morning, I was wandering through the South Melbourne market. I had a networking event to go to, so I was dressed a little more formally. I'm guessing I stood out amongst the early morning shoppers. Along for a [...]

  • Over the Christmas break I found myself waiting in a queue for 40 minutes. For a croissant. Launched in 2012 the Lune Croissanterie makes melt in your mouth croissants. I have no patience for queuing. So I roped in a [...]

  • Normally I don't answer calls from unknown numbers. Prior to Christmas, feeling spontaneous I did. The lady on the other end of the phone referred to an email I had received. I didn't recall it. She went on to tell [...]

  • I'm not a big fan of shopping when I'm home. On holidays it's a different story. The luxury of time to wander in and out of shops without "having" to shop makes for a delightful adventure. I particularly love shopping [...]

  • There is a syndrome that many of us suffer from, it's called Imposter Syndrome. It used to rule my life. Corporate world, business owner world. It didn't matter, I was plagued by Imposter Syndrome. My work was never good [...]

  • As brands strive for differentiation, relevance, and growth, a clear brand purpose can help to successfully engage with critical stakeholders. Brand purpose describes what a brand wants to change in the world and the role it plays to achieve that [...]

  • I’ve just come back from my Friday morning walk with a friend and I’m feeling great. Also great is that our COVID-19 case numbers are coming down… way to go Victoria. It hasn’t been easy, nor perfect, but we [...]

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