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We often find that clients finish their brand story and then realise that they need to bring their brand baby to life. It can be daunting. Knowing what the steps are, who to partner with and what outcomes you should expect. For over 40 years we’ve brought brands to life, reduce stress, save time and execute flawlessly with us.

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Planning, Partnering and Producing your brand assets



Clear outcomes and timelines

In our planning phase, we turn your vision into a roadmap, with clear goals and timelines. It’s about making the complex simple and navigating your brand journey with less stress. Together, we develop a plan that’s realistic and tailored, ensuring every step to launch day is clear and achievable. It’s planning made personal, with your brand baby as the star of the show.



Who to partner with

Selecting the right partners is crucial. We leverage our years of experience and network to match you with the perfect team, ensuring they not only excel in their field but also connect with your brand story. This step eliminates guesswork, ensuring seamless collaboration and a harmonious translation of your brand story into reality. It’s about getting it right, with the right people, first time.



Creating your brand assets

In the creation phase, your brand story comes to life through tangible assets, meticulously crafted to resonate with your audience. We oversee the transformation, ensuring every asset aligns with your brand’s unique identity and story. All the brand touchpoints are aligned. Building consistency and trust. It’s where strategy meets creativity.

Brandivine vs.
an Ad Agency or Design Firm?

Unlike an advertising agency or design firm, we focus on you and what drives you to do what you do. The reason is that it sits at the core of your brand, it’s also what makes you different from your competitors. We uncover your competitive edge so you can attract stakeholders who are aligned with your business. You are your brand, that’s why we always start by understanding the people behind the brand.

We have creative branding capabilities, honed over 40 years. It’s become instinctive. We then combine proven techniques, proprietary tools and frameworks, plus years of experience to define remarkable brands for new and existing businesses. This is what you share with your ad agency, designer or website designer so they can do what they do best.

About us

The Brandivine philosophy

We believe that brand stories are the compass for all businesses. A relevant and engaging brand story is the reference point that helps businesses, regardless of size, make decisions that deliver a consistent brand experience.

Your marketing and sales activities are the most obvious place to apply your brand story. It ensures that key stakeholders consistently hear the same story. It seeds trust.

Beyond this, as your compass, it can help ensure that your strategic decisions are aligned with your purpose. Recruit staff aligned with your values. Determine which worthy causes are aligned with your brand. We work with you to build remarkable brands that maximise stakeholder engagement and loyalty.

Despite over 40 years of business and marketing experience, we don’t want to be a “jack of all trades”. Instead, we focus on being masters of brand strategy, stories and coaching. To help you implement your brand story we have a network of experts who we are happy to introduce you to.

However, you are not on your own. Once we have created a brand baby together, we are partners for life.

our impact

Their stories, our brand babies


What is a brand – now that’s a great question and tricky to answer.

After going through the “REMARKABLE” Brand Story Program with Litsa, I now realise how deep you need to go in order to get something that looks and feels the way that you want to represent yourself. The process is well structured and gives you time to explore and think. Litsa is there to coax and coach and advise. Her knowledge and insights are priceless. The outcome has been a refreshed zeal and clearer strategy for my business and a look and feel that now deeply represents the efforts I put in and my client’s experience.

Frances Pratt, Founder Metisan

True Expert

Working with Litsa at Brandivine was truly an experience like no other. While the goal was to polish our brand and clearly define our voice, we gained so much more from working with Litsa. She is a true expert in her industry with years of real-world experience.

Litsa became a mentor and cheerleader for us and our brand. She took time to really understand our vision and mission, helping us articulate it in a powerful way for others to see. Each meeting with Litsa was thought out and structured making it easy to see the roadmap of where we were headed.

If it weren’t for finding Litsa and working with her at this point in our company, we may have never been able to get the boost we needed to push our brand to success. We are deeply grateful for her service, knowledge, and mentorship throughout the workshop.

Nicki and Ashley, Founders Rypple

Empower, Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

I have worked with Litsa to redesign and develop our new brand.

I have found that Litsa has been a fantastic collaborator in distilling our core points of difference and then reinforcing those attributes to ourselves and our patients. She has taken us through a complete rebrand where everything from music in the rooms to our message we deliver to our patients has been improved.

Jay Samuel, Practice Manager, Empower Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Cleaning Edge Solutions

I was busy growing my business and did not realize the importance of a Brand until I met Litsa! She is passionate and a good listener and was quick to pick up on key points that represent the brand. Then she developed a structured process in developing our brand.

Litsa’s knowledge and insights are priceless. After working with us for over 2 years our Brand vision and strategy have become more clear and purposeful.

I highly recommend Litsa.

Clayburn Figredo, Founder Cleaning Edge Solutions

Legally Wise Women

“I’ve found it difficult to rebrand an existing business before. So when I was starting my new venture and passion project, I wanted to make sure I was clear of the brand from the beginning. Working with Litsa helped me to clearly articulate the brand purpose and values of Legally Wise Women, and through our work together, I found clarity around the brand positioning and proposition.

Litsa’s caring but insistent approach helped to get through this work, as I often find creative work difficult. Whereas the ease and mastery with which Litsa approached this branding exercise epitomised her experience and love for this work.

Jacqui Bauman, Founder Legally Wise Women

Language and Visuals

I commissioned Brandivine to help me define my brand personality before embarking on a website re-design. Litsa gave me everything I needed. By following her process I saw much more clearly what my purpose and values are and how I can portray them in language and visuals.

Litsa is lovely to work with – very engaging but also disciplined to keep me on track.

Susan Bell, Founder Susan Bell Research

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