I knew it was coming

I knew it was coming

I’d known it was coming, so I was sort of prepared. After 23 years and three moves my washer/dryer combo died. I had been secretly waiting for the day that I could replace it.

When I renovated all my kitchen appliances were Bosch. They have more functions than I will ever need and make my life much easier. Brand was a no-brainer. I’m brand loyal, Bosch it was. The only thing I needed to do was double-check the specifications and find a retailer.

  • Retailer 1: Stocked the washing machine, but not in black. Based on the information provided, I also didn’t have enough room. I wasn’t filled with confidence. The nail in the coffin, their after-sales service reviews.
  • Retailer 2: I called, but the salesperson’s product knowledge was lacking. I wasn’t going to risk getting the wrong advice.
  • Retailer 3: An online chat service, I’ll be honest, I was cynical. I had a chat with “Stephanie”. She asked detailed questions, sent photos, double-checked specifications and asked more questions. We went back and forth. She knew her stuff. The retailer was E & S.

As soon as I placed my order Stephanie sent me an email confirming the order and her phone number if I needed any help. This was followed by a series of series of text messages keeping me informed of the delivery schedule. Installation day arrived. My old machine was out in about 15 minutes. The new machine was installed and tested. Could the service be any better? Yes. The installer told me that they had damaged my cabinetry. He apologised several times and rang the office to tell them about the damage. Before I knew it, I had received an email offering to pay for the repairs.

E & S have created an amazing brand experience. The outcome? I’ve become a brand advocate, and I recommend them to everyone who needs appliances. Free advertising of the best kind, an unsolicited referral.

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