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DIY Brand Strategy

You’ve started your side hustle and it’s getting serious. Relevant and engaging branding is critical to your success. Start out on the right foot and define your brand foundations with the help of our eBooks. Designed to help you tackle the fundamentals you will face as a new business owner.

Build your “remarkable” brand

Leverage over forty years of business and marketing experience

Defining your Brand Story

The “Remarkable” Brand Story Workbook

How will this ebook help?

The power of a brand comes from defining a Brand Story that is relevant to your internal and external stakeholders – the people you want to share your story.

Without a relatable brand story, it’s easy to waste time and money.

In this ebook, you’ll discover the six elements that define a “remarkable” brand, and be guided through creating your own relevant and engaging brand story.

This workbook draws on knowledge built over 40 years of business and marketing expertise across a breadth of industries.

What’s included?

The six elements of your brand story are each defined in detail, helping you to identify and lay down the foundations of your brand story.

Each element has a guide to help you complete each section.

When you consistently apply your brand story across your business, you build awareness, credibility and trust. It’s when you build trust that people start to positively “remark” on your brand and tell your story for you.

Branding for success

Be guided by those who know

Our e-books are designed to offer the basics of branding, so you can get started. A low-cost investment designed to help you avoid some of the common, sometimes costly, mistakes many new business owners make.

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