All I wanted was a piece of nougat

All I wanted was a piece of nougat

Last Friday morning, I was wandering through the South Melbourne market. I had a networking event to go to, so I was dressed a little more formally. I’m guessing I stood out amongst the early morning shoppers. Along for a tour of the market was the French chef.

I’ve realised that he has a bit of a sweet tooth. So, when I spotted the best Italian nougat I have ever had, I stepped into the shop to buy a piece. I go to the counter and the very astute old Greek lady who owns the shop starts a conversation. “I noticed you before. I like the way you dress” she says. “Is that your husband, partner, lover?” She asks. Pretty confident, she’s done this before.

Her tactic was to engage me in conversation and build a relationship. The longer I stayed in the store the more items I bought. She was working hard at building a connection. I walked out with nougat, halva, chocolate in a tin, szechuan pepper and super premium balsamic vinegar.

She put all her efforts into building a relationship with me. I liked her. I bought more from her. Instead of a simple $10.00 transaction, in mere minutes, she built a relationship that netted her over $70.00. Great return on investment for her time.

If you’re looking for an edge, follow the example of the old Greek lady at South Melbourne market. Observant, laser focused and engaging. She made an indelible impression and increased the value of her sale x 7. Smart business woman.

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