It’s a brand, not a logo

It’s a brand, not a logo

I’m not a big fan of shopping when I’m home. On holidays it’s a different story. The luxury of time to wander in and out of shops without “having” to shop makes for a delightful adventure. I particularly love shopping in Greece.

There are some items I always shop for. It used to be shoes, now it’s glasses. Many years ago I moved to multi-focal lenses. It was easier than losing my glasses. Taking them on and off. Dropping them. And I wasn’t going to do the granny thing and have them hanging around my neck on a chain. Yes, that is a hint of vanity.

In Greece there is an optometrist on every second corner. The range is extraordinary. So when on holidays recently, I went on the hunt for a new pair of glasses. It’s a big decision. When you wear glasses all the time, they become part of your “look”. I finally found a pair that suited me and I liked. They’re Chanel.

When I got back to my hotel, the iconic visual element of the brand caught my attention. The double C’s of the logo, symbolising prestige, luxury and class. The Chanel brand was launched in 1910. It has survived scandals, Coco Chanel’s death and changes in ownership.

Why? Because Chanel is a brand, not a logo. There’s a difference.

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