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DIY Design Workbook

You’ve started your side hustle and now it’s getting serious. Long term branding has just become critical to your success. Start out on the right foot and lay down your brand foundations with the help of our eBooks, designed to help you tackle the fundamentals you will face as a new business owner.

your “wow” design guide

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How to brief a designer

Your “WOW” design guide

How will this ebook help?

When starting a new business, you need to take in a lot of new information and act on it. It’s like starting a complex jigsaw puzzle – which piece first?

Too often, people who start with a side hustle will be let down by their logo and design elements. The shoestring budget doesn’t help.

This workbook helps you start with one of the fundamentals – your visual branding. Be guided through this step-by-step process and learn how to effectively brief a designer, and what to expect in return.

What’s included?

The book starts with questions on your background, your ideal client, and details of your brand and positioning. A good designer will use this information as part of the creative process.

You are then asked more detailed questions, such as: What is it you want to achieve? Where will the design be applied? Do you have any non-negotiables?

You will also learn the basics of a Brand Style Guide. This document will be critical to the consistency of your logo across all platforms.

The book concludes with information on budgeting.

Branding for success

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Our e-books are designed to offer the basics of branding, so you can get started. A low-cost investment designed to help you avoid some of the common, sometimes costly, mistakes many new business owners make.

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